Confessions of A Marcoholic

This section features exclusive interviews of eminent personalities from the industry and the academia who have created a niche for themselves in the field of marketing.

In Conversation with Mr. Kishore Chakraborti, Vice President, McCann Erickson India


  • Where did you begin your career from?

I started my career as a Bengali translator of English ads in a small Calcutta based advertising agency and later became a Bengali copy writer.

  • What is the biggest challenge you have faced till now in your profession?

To arrive at one’s own point of view. I am very dumb when I am asked to follow a laid out path. I am comfortable in my own designed path. The most difficult challenge and also thrill are to navigate your own path when there is none.

  • Do you think a formal degree in “Management “help make good managers?

It should help if the person uses his learning as basic grammar of marketing but only that much;  the success story still has to be written by him. By knowing the rules one understand when to break, upgrade and change the rules.

  • Personally, how brand conscious are you?

There are very few things in which I am brand conscious …I am more value conscious. When the brand sits in the centre of this value system I go for the brand otherwise price and availability decide the fate of purchase.

  • Given the enormous number of advertisements and brands that a consumer is exposed to, what does it take for a brand to stand out?

Warmth and Sympathy

  • Your favourite tag-line/slogan –

Again choice is very wide. Here are a few; starting with “Ting Ting Ti Ting” of Britannia- you need no words, sound is enough. P&G preOlympic campaign – Tribute to Mother the most difficult role in the world. Dove – when did you start believing that you are not beautiful?

  • Your favourite ad-campaign?

There are many. One is Cadbury. I like Cadbury campaigns, from Taste of Life to “Kuchh Mitha  Ho Jae” to “Mithe Me Kya Hai” – a wonderful journey of a brand liberating itself from its restricted space of condiment, eaten on occasions, to the bigger space of “Mitha” in life.

  • Is it inevitable to be in selling before being a successful marketer? How has your experience been?

A successful marketer always has an honest intension to empower his customer, and value -add his life. If consumer sees value he will pay for it, one does not have to sell it.

  • Which is your most treasured purchase?

My first 650 Sq.ft. flat in Calcutta. I spent hours with my wife every Sunday decorating & filling up empty spaces with content of our imagination while it was in the process of construction. That flat is no longer with me now.

  • Given a million bucks, how would you like to spend it?

A few years back I would have, as per my usual cultural tendencies, would have saved it for future. Today I probably will spend in travelling and visiting places.

  • What helps you unwind at the end of a hectic day?

Good books, good music,& a good companion who shares my passion

  • What do you like the most about your job?

Lack of monotony and proximity of youth in many roles – as colleagues, clients, students, marketers, entrepreneurs; challenges to think differently.

  • A must read book for every marketer:

The Mahabharata

  • What quality do you think is indispensable for future marketing managers?

Curiosity, Passion and Courage




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