Happy High Musings


We get high
Oh so high
That’s what they say in the Chi
I get high
You get high
‘Cuz I’m the one that supplies

– Logic

A sip and one wants another. The glass was full; it is empty now. Refill! Where did the bottle disappear, my friend?

That is exactly what happens when a bottle of alcohol is opened at a dinner party. The alcohol flows through the veins of its worshipers and makes them vulnerable and prone to influence. That is exactly the effect of Branding on the human mind. A marketer tries to look for the weak link and attacks; making the consumer susceptible to his own idea of the brand.

High on Brands. High on Marketing. The Marketing Committee, MARCOM was started with this passion for Marketing and Branding and taking it outside the restricted walls of the classroom. After the resounding success of our quarterly magazine – Brand.i which has made a name for itself in the student fraternity over the years; we now present to you “Brand.i Brewery!”  This is our exclusive blog which will have articles written by students, interviews of marketers and professionals, polls, case studies, a trivia section and the hidden secrets of Marketing and more. I think I’m high already!

Happy Reading!




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